Forced Bi and Forced Cocksucking and Strap On Training Phone Sex with Vivian


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Oh here you are, a so-called straight man - and I do believe you when you say you're straight, of course - craving the cock. Of course you need a WOMAN to "make" you suck cock, don't you? You may think this makes you unusual or strange, but believe me, an experienced Forced Bi Mistress - men like you are VERY common. Yes, yes, more men out there than you'd believe have secret fantasies of being so enthralled and intrigued by a woman that they'd do ANYTHING for her - including sucking cock. Of course you'd never do this on your own, right?

You only want a cock in your mouth if you're made to do it, maybe tricked into getting on your knees and opening wide. Indeed, Ms Vivian knows ALL about men like you, and she's got what it takes to make a cumhungry cockslut out of any straight man. Including you. She especially likes training men who think they would NEVER get on their knees to orally service a man.

She especially enjoys those who say Oh no, I would never do that! Because Ms Vivian knows that every man has his own weakness - every man has SOMETHING that he craves enough to give in to his Mistress and do whatever she desires. And she desires the pleasure of seeing you on your knees, worshiping a well endowed man with your mouth. Perhaps you need a bit of strap on training from your CockMistress before you move onto the "real thing". That's fine. Ms Vivian is wicked with a strapon! Explore your forced bi and forced cocksucking fantasies with Ms Vivian.

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